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Aug 23, 2021

This is a story of a high performing athlete that got an infection that almost took her life. Saramae was on life support, lost both her legs, left a toxic relationship, lost some of her identity and more. I’ve covered countless stories of individuals facing adversities and this is one of the best. Despite the adversities, SaraMae Hollandsworth regrouped and became one of the best adaptive athletes on earth. Really, she’s one of the best athletes on earth, not just adaptive. 

SaraMae Hollandsworth is a writer, speaker, transformational coach, athlete and my friend. I don’t know if SaraMae breaks, but if she does, she rebuilds and moves forward. She’s lifted up many. If you’re lost or hurting right now, check out SaraMae Hollandsworth by using the links below. Her platform is full of authenticity and much goodness.

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