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Sep 29, 2021

The practices and ideas of essentialism and minimalism is something I've attempted to incorporate the past seven years. About six years ago we downsized our entire house and moved 2,000 plus miles away to a smaller home in a strange new world. When we arrived at our new home we filled one garage spot with all of our possessions. We kept these items in the garage and only brought in what we needed, such as beds, coffee makers, clothes, etc. Anything that wasn’t needed or didn’t bring us value was donated. Over time we did acquire more items such as clothes, some furniture and other items that brought value to our lives. 

Twice a year we host a packing party, where we box several rooms in the house. We only take out what we need. If we don’t remove the items from the box within 90 days then we donate these items. A packing party is pretty empowering, try it. 

Idea episodes are brief topic episodes focused on ideas worth hearing and potentially incorporating. Idea episodes will publish every other episode.

Jennifer Burger Minimalism Changed My Life Episode

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