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Sep 22, 2021

How does adventure improve one’s life? This is a story of how taking flight changed elite adventure athlete Jim Jennings' life. Jim Jennings suffered a TBI and other complications after an accident. Post accident Jim felt very hopeless at points. What helped in his recovery was an introduction to flying, and by flying, I mean skydiving, BASE jumping, gliding and more. This is a very true and transformative story that you don’t want to miss.

Jim Jennings is an elite adventure athlete that loves all forms of flight from jumping into the sky to gliding through it too. Jim is notable for his bold participation in very dangerous activities such as BASE jumping, skydiving, gliding strapped to various devices, piloting gliders and more. Jim Jennings is a friend and he’s building his own stage and sharing his journey and the others’ stories as they navigate life through injuries, adventures and more.


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